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Buy All types of Latest and Advanced Technology OCA Lamination Machine, AKT Mobile OCA Lamination Machine, High Quality,100% Original with Lowest online Price.

AKT Offering Premium Quality Edge Curve Flat iPhone Supportive Mobile OCA Lamination Machine in All Budget Segment. All Machine is available with Life Time Technical Backup Support, Complete Free Training with a certificate. we provide a Free Service warranty with All Machine. Our Top Model are AKT3100pro+ , AKT3100pro , AKT2600pro+ ,AKT2600 and Many More.

AKT has a highly specialize dedicated Research and Development Team. Developing the Latest and Advanced Mobile OCA Machine for the customer is our main goal. We believe in 100% customer Satisfaction with the Lowest Market Price.

Best Selling Top Model AKT OCA LAMINATION  Machines.  

AKT is famous for his 4 in 1 part oca lamination machine. We offer Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual OCA Lamination Machine in Lowest Price. We offer all types of OCA machines.

Edge Curve Flat iPhone Tablet Supportive OCA Lamination Machine in the medium budget segment..

AKT3100pro+, AKT3100Pro, AKT3100 These are the top Model OCA Lamination Machine Offer Buy The AKINFO Tools. Advanced High-Quality Lamination Chamber., Heating Elements with Extra Chamber Protection anti-rust Metal is the main Key Points of the OCA Lamination Machine. You Can Repair All types of OCA folder by these OCA machines. You only need a different type of base mold for Different Folders.

AKT Low Budget OCA Lamination Machine.

AKT offers a wide range of OCA Lamination machines as customer Requirement. We provide low budget High-Quality OCA Lamination Machine. Some of them OCA Machine are only supportive of flat Screen Folder.

AKT2600Pro+, AKT2600Pro, AKT2600 these are the Best Selling Model in Low budget segment. High-Quality Fine finishing is the Main Quality of these oca machines.

What is the Use Of the OCA Lamination Machine?

OCA Lamination is a Latest Advanced Technology to repair the broken & damage or any Malfunctioning of a Mobile display Folder. Before the invention of the OCA lamination Machine, the replacement of damaged with a new one is the only solution to this problem. But after the invention of oca laminating the machine. Now you can easily repair the oca Glass Folder of any Mobile screen like Flat Cure Edge and Tablet. oca Machine gives you a wide range of options for repairing the oca folder. You can repair or replace the different parts of OCA Folder like Glass, touch, Display of any Mobile. That,s why it is also Know as the Mobile Display Folder Repairing Machine. 

Types OF OCA Lamination Machines. 

There are Different types of oca lamination Machines available in the market. The main types of oca lamination are.

A. 4 Parts OCA Lamination Machine.

These machines come in 4 Parts. The Main Advantage of 4 Parts oca Machine is that if one part is not working Properly then your work is not hampered totaly. You can do your work with other Parts of Machine. 4 Pats OCA Machine has the following Parts.

1. OCA Laminating Chamber.

It is the most Impotent Part of of a 4 in 1 Parts OCA Machine. This is Mainly used for Punching the oca Sheet display and touch with the folder. The oca Lamination Chamber should be Automatic and its time of Punching Must be minimum. The finishing of Folder is depends on the Lamination Chamber. It must a single parts metal with Front Loading. Punching is Main step in OCA Lamination Process. The Moderate sufficient Air Pressure is Maintain in the Lamination Chamber. The electricity Consumption must be low for more Profit. It must be easy to use and the pressure indicator must be in digital Display. The timing of Punching and Air Pressure must  set manually as well as Automatically.  

2. Bubble Remover.

It is a another impotent parts of oca Lamination Machine. The remaining Bubble of Punching Machine is remove by the bubble remover. The finishing of Lamination Machine is not 100% Free. If There are some bubble are remains in folder aferr Punching Process. The bubble is remove with the Help of Bubble remover. 

3. Vacuum Pump.

Vacuum Pump is another impotent part of 4 part OCA Lamination Machine. The vacuum pump is create vacuum in Lamination Chamber. The Punching Process is complete in a vacuum environment with the help of Vacuum Pump.    

4. Air Compressure.

Air compressure is also a most impotent part of oca lamination Machine. this is very impotent to create Air Pressure in both lamination Chamber and Bubble remover. It is create High Air Pressure in Punching Machine and Bubble remover Machine. 

The working Principle of 4 Part OCA Lamination Machine is very simple and easy. Even any Non-Technical Person can Easily Operate this Machine with a Few Hours Training. These Machines are available in Different variants like fully Automatic OCA Machine, Semi-Automatic,  Manual and Dual Mode Of Operation . 4 Parts Machines are most Trending and  Reliable among all Type of OCA laminating Machine Available in Present Time.

B.  Single part OCA Machine.

Single Part OCA Lamination Machine is all in One type of OCA Lamination Machine. The All Major Activity like Punching of Folder , Bubble remover From the Folder is done by a single Part OCA Machine. The Puching of Folder and Bubble remover is done into separate Chamber with the help of single part oca machine. This Machine is compact in Size. If you have a Mobile repairing shop with limited space It is best option for you. But one main disadvantage of single part machine is that if one part of this oca machine is not working. Then complete Machine is not works. 

C.  Fully Automatic OCA Lamination Machine. 

D.  Semi Automatic OCA Machine 

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