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Buy AKT 850AT SMD REWORK STATION Premium Quality at Lowest Price.

AKT is launching the latest and Fully Automatic SMD rework station Machine. This is the most advanced and High-quality SMD Machine. 100% Copper Elements Easy To use and Handle. The AKT 850 AT is the first Made in India SMD rework station which comes with 6 months warranty. this burn Free, Heavy SMD comes with a special Nozzle. We made it portable, easy to handle yet effective for Mobile repairing Professionals. The best part of this SMD machine is, it is tested and verified by the Mobile repairing experts for more than 6 months. They found it effective and now we are welcoming you to buy this Wonderful product. Features of AKT 850AT SMDMachine - Plastic Gumming Lock Zero to High Air control. 

 AKT 850AT SMD Specification:


Model Number: 850AT 

Weight: 4 kg

Temperature range: 150 C - 500 C. 

Air pressure: 24 L/min

Minimum Order Quantity:1 Piece 

Deal In: New Only.

Mode of Operation: Automatic.

AKT 850AT SMD Advantages:

  • High Quality with the latest technology.
  • 100% Original Grantee.
  • 100% Plastic parts Burn Free SMD.
  • 100% tested before shipping.
  • minimum cost with effective & timely delivery.
  • This part is not returnable so be sure you are purchasing the proper one for your specific device.
  • 100% Original Nichrome Elements.
  • High-Temperature Variation Range with rapid Timing.
  • Moderate Air Flow for a short time.
  • Support On-Call


SMD Machine is one of the most useful repairing Machines for all Electronics Repairing Technician. This is mostly used for Mobile Repairing, Laptop Repairing, and TV LCD Chip level Repairing work. If you want to mount and demount any electronic component on  PCB. Then it is only possible with the help of the SMD rework station machine. This machine is used to melt the PCB flux paste. Then you can replace any component or device from PCB.

Types of SMD Machines.

There are several types of SMD Rework Station machines available in the market. These are some of the most famous types of SMD Rework Station Machine available at the Present Time.

1. 3 in 1 SMD Machine.

3 in 1 Rework Station Machine is the most Trending and useful SMD refurbishment Machine with the latest Advanced Technology Machine in the Market. These Machines are the Multifunction SMD Machine. You can use these machines as a Hot Air Gun, Soldering Irion station, and USB 2.0 Charging Slot.  These Machines are best compatible for Mobile repairing, laptops and Smart TV, and Other PCB Chip Level Repairing Works. INFO TOOLS Offering AKT900  one of the Best 3 in 1 SMD Machines in the Market at the present time.

2. Fully Automatic Auto Cut SMD Rework Machine.

Auto Cut SMD Rework Station Machine is another Most Useful and Trending Rework Machine for PCB repairing works. The Automatic Hot Air Gun is the specialty of this Machine. This is the most efficient electricity-saving Machine. The Hot Air Gun is automatically switched off when it is not in use and automatically on when you used Hot Air Gun. The Hot Air Gun stand is a sensor Equipped. It senses the position of the Hot Air Gun. AK INFO TOOLS also Provides the latest and advanced Technology AKT 850AD Auto Cut SMD Rework Machine at Lowest Price.

3. Manual SMD Rework Station Machine.

This Type of Machine is old Version outdated Machine. It is not used by any Professional Technician. It is used Only for Training and Education purposes Machine. The hot Air Gun is manually controlled by an on-off Switch in this Machine.

How to Buy  SMD Rework Station Machine online?

If You want to buy an SMD Rework Station Machine online. Then AKINFO TOOLS (AKT) Offers you All Types of SMD Rework Station Machine at the Lowest Price. We  Provide all Types of the Latest  SMD Rework Station machines at the Lowest Price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What payment methods are supported on AKT?

AKT uses Razorpay Payment Gateway in supported Card, UPI/QR, Net Banking, Wallet, EMI, and Pay Later.

Q2. Is Cash on Delivery(COD) Facility Available?

No, COD is not available due to COVID-19. There is a shortage of employees right now.

Q3. How many days does the parcel arrive?

You will receive your parcel within 5 to 7 working days.

Q4. How to get help from the support team?

You will be supported with voice calls, video calls, and Whatsapp also. If your problem is still not sorted out then you can send the products to our office through couriers or you can bring the products along.

Q5. Warranty valid on this point-

You will get the warranty of the products when you receive the parcel. After receiving, you will record a video to open the parcel.

Each product warranty is mentioned in descriptions.


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