OCA Glass Repairing Advance Kit-Set 01

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OCA Glass Repairing Advance Kit-Set 01

1. Separator [Genius/AKT] 1Pcs.

1. Roller [AKT 1303] 1Pcs.

2. Separator Wire 1Pcs. (0.4)

3. Separator Wire Handle 1Pcs.

4. Keep Big 1Pcs.

5. Glue Remover [AKT F1] 1Pcs.

6. Contact Cleaner [Falcon 530] 1Pcs.

7. Cloth 100Pcs. 1Pcs.

8. Eagle Blade 5Pcs. 1Packet.

9. Toni Iron 1Pcs. (25watt)

10. Polarizers 5Pcs. (16inch)

11. OCA Sheets 50Pcs.- 1Packet (6.8 / 7.0)

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AKT uses Razorpay Payment Gateway in supported Card, UPI/QR, Net Banking, Wallet, EMI, and Pay Later.

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No, COD is not available due to COVID-19. There is a shortage of employees right now.

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You will receive your parcel within 5 to 7 working days.

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You will be supported with voice calls, video calls, and Whatsapp also. If your problem is still not sorted out then you can send the products to our office through couriers or you can bring the products along.

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You will get the warranty of the products when you receive the parcel. After receiving, you will record a video to open the parcel.

Each product warranty is mentioned in descriptions.


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