OCA Glass Repairing Advance Kit-Set 01

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OCA Glass Repairing Advance Kit-Set 01

1. Separator [Genius/AKT] 1Pcs.

1. Roller [AKT 1303] 1Pcs.

2. Separator Wire 1Pcs.

3. Separator Wire Handle 1Pcs.

4. Keep Big 1Pcs.

5. Glue Remover [AKT F1] 1Pcs.

6. Contact Cleaner [Falcon 530] 1Pcs.

7. Cloth 100Pcs. 1Pcs.

8. Eagle Blade 5Pcs. 1Packet.

9. Toni Iron 1Pcs.

10. Polarizers 5Pcs.

11. OCA Sheets 50Pcs.- 1Packet

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