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Goot Wick CP-2015 Desoldering Remover Original


  1. Quickly removes unwanted solder when used with a soldering iron.
  2. Only touch the grip and the pack of desoldering wick when desoldering. Failure to do so will result in serious burns.
  3. To avoid fire, never use a soldering iron and desoldering wick around combustibles or in an explosive environment.
  4. Do not force the tip against the desoldering wick to avoid injury to yourself and/or damage to the parts and PCB.
  5. Do not heat the desoldering wick for more than 5 seconds to avoid damage to the parts and PCB. Different Size for choose.


  • Place the desoldering wick over the solder to be removed, then push the heated soldering iron tip onto the desoldering wick.
  • The solder will be absorbed. Remove the desoldering wick after the solder has been absorbed.
  • Cut off the used section of the wick using nippers.

  • Our thin and soft desoldering wire flat braid has efficient thermal transmission.
  • Removes solder faster with better heat response than previous wicks.
  • Recommended for lead-free solder with high heating load.
  • RMA base flux. High-quality desoldering wick with braided copper wire, saturated with non-chlorine special flux.
  • Can be used for precision PCBs safely.
Weight .050 kg

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