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Platform 7 in 1 Tin Knife /Paste/Wick Mobile phone BGA Repair Station

1 x Anti-skid temperature anti-static platform (the board has a variety of mobile phone BGA chip groove, to the mobile phone BGA chip ball, the chip embedded in the corresponding slot, fixed chip, and then put the phone on the chip BGA ball planted steel net, it can be very convenient ball,size: 15*12cm)
1 x Scraper
2 x Clips
1 x Ground wire
2 x Magnets with a bayonet (magnetic block with the mobile phone circuit board, and then attached to the magnetic stainless steel plate, you can very firmly fixed circuit board, easy maintenance)
1 x Solder paste
1 x Suction tin line

  1. Features:
    1. Structure of intelligent, easy to use time, no extra fancy.
      2. Circuit board can not only do flat welding repair, but also for side-up, double-sided test.
      3. Stents were double magnetic attraction, more stable and practical.
      4. Bimetal made of single-sided heating to prevent the heat gun, resulting in plane deformation. Good thermal properties significantly shorten the welding board, BGA time.
      5. Effective grounding to prevent static on the board BGA, IC damage.
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