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Call :+91-700-400-9069

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  • Best Product, Easy to Use and Durable. Heat Air Gun Rework Station, MAXX PAMMA 850A Heat Air Gun.
  • Power: 220V , 270W, Temperature: 200 Celsius System-450 Celsius System.
  • Heating Element Porcelain Heating Element.
  • Heat Air Gun Rework Station, MAXX PAMMA 850A Heat Air Gun.
  • Rework Station Works Immediately when the Handle is Picked Up and Enters Estand by Mode when the Handle is Placed in the Holder, Temperatures and Air of Rework Station Continuously Adjusted by Buttons the Needs in Different Workplaces, The Maxx Pamma 850A is Facilitated with an Automatic Cooling Function. Desoldering Maintenance System Combined by Rework Station.
  • The automatic function to prevent other PCB part damage while soldering.
  • Heat time of 20 seconds is as per the professional need.
  • Conical shape tip made up of Nickle gives efficiency to the work.
  • Maxx Pamma SMD with a battery booster
  • Maxx pamma DC Power Supply
  • The best part is, they are manufacturing in India.
  • so all the mobile repairing tools which you buy from Maxx pamma are made in India.
  • If you are in a mobile repairing field then you must hear about Maxx pamma, today I am sharing 850a
  • A low budget SMD machine launched by Maxx pamma.
  • The Maxx Pamma 850A is facilitated with an automatic cooling function.
  • It uses the intelligent AI technology, rework station works immediately when the handle is picked up and enters standby mode when the handle is placed in the holder.
  • The whole machine controlled by microwave chip to make sure of temperature accuracy and stability of SMD.
  • Temperatures and Air of rework station continuously adjusted by buttons the needs in different workplaces.
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