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Call :+91-700-400-9069

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OSS W209 Pro Smart Phone Battery Quick Charging and Activation Board

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OSS W209 Pro Smart Phone Battery Quick Charging and Activation Board

1. Intelligent identification of positive and negative poles, because smartphone manufacturers are different, leads to universal mobile phone battery interface, output positive and negative different, power supply opposite, product can automatic identify positive negative poles of the battery.

2. Full charge automatic turning light, when battery full charged, circuit determines whether battery full and automatic shuts off the power, change red light to blue light to prevent overshoot and explosion.

3. Voltage and current dual LED display, with voltage, current real time display, when battery plugged in, shows the voltage of the battery, when plugged in, voltage at the power supply displayed and the current is the load current.

4. Large current overload protection function, product designed protection current not exceed 2.7A, when accidentally connected to high voltage, protection plate will automatic cut off the power supply, avoid unnecessary losses, will take a few minutes to return to normal operation.

5. Bottom sponge buffering cushion, PC board bottom using a layer of thick sponge as the bottom button above the battery, effectively alleviate the strength, prevent PC board serious stress damage.

6. Voltage current meter function, during maintenance of phone, can powered by USB connection, accurate detection of the charger voltage and current value, judge whether the performance of the charger and the charging cable meet the requirements, can measure the power supply or consumption of USB interface and USB flash disk, can measure the voltage of the USB power supply device when it is empty/loaded, load current of USB terminal device at work.

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