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QUICK 858D Rework Station ESD SMD SMT Welding Repair Machine

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858D Hot Air Soldering Station 220V 450W LED Digital Solder Heat Gun Rework Station ESD SMD SMT Welding Repair Machine

Product features

  1. It adopts brushless fan with low noise.
    2. The air volume is adjusted linearly, the air volume is large and the wind is particularly soft.
    3. Large power, rapid temperature rise, and stable temperature without being affected by air flow.
    4. The handle is equipped with an induction switch. As long as you hold the handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode; put the handle back to the handle holder, and the system will enter the standby state, which is convenient for real-time operation.
    5. Blow-welded strip plastic components, ringers, tail plugs and internal connectors are not deformed, and blow-welded circuit boards will not blisters. The shielding cover will not change color when it is removed, and the BGA chip will not break easily.
    6. The alloy shell is adopted, the body is small, durable, beautiful, and occupies a small work surface

Product Specification

Power supply voltage: 220V AC
Power consumption: 700W
Heating indication category: LED microcomputer digital display (resolution 1℃)
Air pump airflow type: brushless fan soft wind
Air flow: 120 liters/min
Temperature adjustment range: 100℃-450℃
Handle component length (including handle line): 120cm
Body size: 13.8cm (height) *10cm (width) *15cm (length)
Noise: less than 45dB

Suitable for the desoldering of various components, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc.
 Used for heat shrinkage, drying, paint removal, debonding, thawing, preheating, glue welding, etc.

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