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Akt-115 OCA Lamination Machine

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Akt-115 OCA Lamination Machine


  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of an OCA lamination machine is to apply a layer of optically clear adhesive (OCA) to the surface of a device's touchscreen or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel. This adhesive layer helps bond the display to the device's glass or digitizer.

  2. OCA Film: OCA film is a specialized adhesive material that is transparent and optically clear. It is used to improve the optical properties of the device's display, such as clarity and touch sensitivity.

  3. Touchscreen Repair: OCA lamination machines are commonly used in the repair and refurbishment of touchscreen devices, including smartphones and tablets. They are used to replace damaged or cracked screens while maintaining the original display quality.

  4. Bubble-Free Lamination: The AKT-115 and similar machines are designed to ensure bubble-free lamination, which is crucial for achieving a high-quality display appearance and functionality.

  5. Alignment and Precision: These machines often have alignment systems and precision controls to ensure that the OCA film is applied accurately and evenly to the display surface.

Akt-115 OCA Lamination Machine




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