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BT 616 0.6Y (iPhone-7) SCREWDRIVER


BT 616 0.6Y iPhone 7 SCREWDRIVER




  • The BT 616 0.6Y iPhone 7 Screw Driver is a specialized tool designed for opening and repairing iPhone 7 and related models.


  • Featuring a 0.6Y screwdriver head, it's precisely tailored to fit the unique Y-type screws found in Apple devices like iPhones and MacBooks.


  • This screwdriver is an essential tool for technicians and DIY enthusiasts who want to perform repairs or maintenance on their iPhone 7.


  • Crafted from high-quality materials, the screwdriver offers durability and reliability during extended use.


  • Its ergonomic handle design provides a comfortable grip, ensuring precise and controlled movements during delicate iPhone repairs.


  • The compact size and specialized head of the BT 616 0.6Y make it perfect for accessing tight spaces and handling intricate components.


  • When properly used, this screwdriver helps prevent damage to the specialized screws found in Apple devices.




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