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* Brand: RELIFE

* Model: RL-UVH 901BL

* Volume: 10cc

* Colour: BLUE

* Specially used for PCB Circuit board solder mask

* Approx Weight: 15g

Relife RL-UVH 901BL Curable Solder Mask Ink -Green

Relife RL-UVH 901BL Curable Solder Mask Ink -Green Soldermask freezes when exposed to UV rays. It is non-conductive and does not dry out in the tube, which makes it reusable. After applying the mask to the motherboard, the working time is unlimited, it will not freeze until it is exposed to UV rays. Featured by Sharvi Electronics Ideal for covering breaks in the laminate, repairing paths, or covering wires at cross joints. An indispensable product in any service that deals with motherboard operations.RL-UVH901 Series Solder resists Oil, Shorter Curing speed. Specially used for PCB Circuit board solder mask repair, line insulation, jumping wire fixed insulation, protection components, etc.

How to use:

  • Apply the paint on your PLATE.
  • Spread it over the PCB with covering transparent mask film.
  • Expose it to UV light (light or sun) for a few minutes.
  • Wash off additional paint with gasoline or solvent-based oil.



  • Specially used for PCB Circuit board solder mask repair
  • PCB Solder Mask
  • Protection components
  • Motherboard Repairing




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