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YIHUA 3005D 0-30V 0-5A adjustable digital Dc regulated power supply with Universal plugs


The 3005D switching power supply is a device used to transmit power supply from a main power (DC or AC) to a DC load. It also changes the voltage and current characteristics. The switched-mode power supply primarily pairs with soldering stations and soldering irons and is widely used in laboratories, educational institutions, production lines, and more.


  1. The YIHUA 3005D 30V/5A is our newly launched digitally controlled power supply. It weighs half as much as our classic power supply device, allowing for easier transportation and significant cost savings.
  2. With an automatic adjustment for current and voltage range, it features more reliable performance and longer service life in comparison to traditional potentiometer controllers
  3. Users can store up to 3 sets of commonly used parameters for fast retrieval in the future.
  4. YIHUA3005D 30V 5A is the second generation of digital program-controlled switching power supply, it used the latest technology and crafts, weight is very light it is 50% lighter than the traditional DC power supply it is good for transportation and saves the shipping fee, I t also effectively avoid too heavy damage the product occurs during transport.
  5. This digital program-controlled stabilized switching power supply is designed for use in laboratories, schools, production lines, and electronic repair.
  6. It has a small size and is lightweight, which is very easy to transport and carry.
  7. It has high efficiency, high load capacity, and low noise and is superior to linear power supplies.
  8. It has high voltage stability, a mall ripple factor, excellent short circuit protection, and over-current protection.
  9. It digitally adjusts current and voltage, which is more advanced, more stable, and has a longer life than traditional potentiometer adjusters.
  10. It has an output electronic switch, which can easily break the output load.
  11. It has a function set lock that can effectively prevent a range of output parameters or changes caused by misuse, which makes the product more secure and reliable.
  12. It has a cell phone radio-frequency detection function, which is of a 4.2V 2A/19V 5A fixed output function. Parameters can be displayed by pressing the key, which is fast and convenient. It is an essential tool for cell phone and laptop repair.
  13. It has an output state memory function. When the memory switch is turned on, it can retain the output status before the power switch is turned off. For example, when the power is in the output state, turn off the power switch, and when the power switch is turned on the next time the power supply will directly output the voltage. When the memory switch is turned off, it will not retain the output state when the power switch is turned off. Every time the power switch is turned on, the output key must be pressed to the output voltage.




Mode 3005D
Output Power 150W
Power Supply Voltage 220V ±10% 50Hz or 220V ±10% 60Hz
Adjust Range 0~30V 0~5A
Operation Conditions Temperature 0~40°C Relative humidity< 80%
Overall Dimensions L268×W125×H155mm±5mm
Weight 2.3kg
Output Voltage Accuracy ±0.02V
Voltage Coefficient < 300PPM/C
Ripple noise voltage < 1%Vrms
OCP Current Value 0-5A,Accuracy:±0.01A
Signal test frequency range 30~1800MHz including cell phone signal test
Signal Strength >10dBM




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