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  • 60W HOT MELT GLUE GUN Hot melt not only widely used in the electronics industry, for general home repair and maintenance also plays a considerable role , is an essential tool , especially for small homemade crafts .
  • High Power 100W Hot melt glue gun , glue the metal mouth, compact and lightweight, for bonding various materials, goods , fixed, simple waterproof and shockproof, easy to use.
  • Operating Voltage AC100-240V, Can be directly inserted 220V Mains without using a transformer, more convenient to carry.
  • Glue speed, fatigue resistance, high insulation resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance , can be used for arts and crafts, fabrics, jewelry, artificial flowers, models, hairy toys, stuffed toys, PC Boards, electronic components , leather products , ceramics , ceramic tile, vinyl plastics, PVC, Acrylic, ABS, Metal, aluminum , food packaging, woodworking wood, furniture , paper, cardboard , paper , stone .



  • Prior to use support from the bracket ( bracket angle adjustable )
  • Power on, the back of the glue gun glue stick is inserted
  • Press your finger several times until the glue stick glue gun nozzle fixed to the inside
  • Until the glue gun fever about 3 Minutes using
  • Press and hold the trigger until the glue from the nozzle flow
  • Try not to move the process of using high- glue gun, muzzle can not back up so as not to strip
  • If continuous glue gun15Minutes without glue , turn off the power to avoid plastic strips back down and damage caused to melt glue gun
  • Cut off the power supply after use , do not need to clean the nozzles, no need to remove the tape




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