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AMAOE M11 SN42BI58 PPD 138°C 50g

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* Alloy Composition: 42% Tin (Sn), 58% Lead (Pb)

* Melting Point: 138°C (361.4°F)

* Flux Type: Rosin-based

* Wire Diameter: Typically around 0.8mm (check specific packaging for exact diameter)

* Application: Suitable for general electronics soldering

* Residue: Non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive

* Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place

* Packaging: Comes in a coil form

* Compliance: Not RoHS compliant due to lead content

AMAOE M11 SN42BI58 PPD 138°C 50g


AMAOE M11 SN42BI58 PPD 138°C 50g Solder Paste For Mobile Phone Mainboard Tin Plating PCB/BGA/SMD Repair Tools 



  • Smooth Leaded | Medium Temperature Melts 183C 362F | 50 Grams
  • Features: medium temperature 183 °, fine smooth and good sticky, tin plating does not bubble, tin beads are even.
  • Use tips: Suitable for regular mobile phone repair and use, reducing rework.
  • Package Includes: Amaoe M11 Soldering Flux Paste
  • If you are unsatisfied with our product and services, just contact us and you will receive a full refund. There is absolutely no risk.
  • Finest-quality solder paste designed for mobile phone repair and maintenance tasks.
  • Three options available: M9 for high-temperature use at 217 C, M10 for medium-temperature use at 183 c, and M11 for low-temperature use at 138 C.
  • Ideal for reducing rework and achieving strong welding results
  • Helps reduce maintenance difficulty and risk for repairs that cannot withstand high temperatures
  • Suitable for technicians with varying levels of expertise, from those with high requirements for maintenance quality to those needing lower-temperature options


Packing Details:

  • * 1xAMAOE M11-SN42BI58 PPD 138°C 50g



AMAOE M11 SN42BI58 PPD 138°C 50g

AMAOE M11 SN42BI58 PPD 138°C 50g

AMAOE M11-SN42BI58 PPD 138°C 50g 2AMAOE M11-SN42BI58 PPD 138°C 50g 4

AMAOE M11-SN42BI58 PPD 138°C 50g 5




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