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MAS830L Digital Multimeter

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* Max Display: 3-½ digits, 1999 count, 06” high

* Polarity: Automatic, indicated minus, assumed plus

* Measure method: double integral A/D switch implement

* Sampling speed: 2 times per second

* Overload indication: :1” is displayed

* Operating environment: 0° to 40°, at <80% RH

* Storage environment: -10° to 50°, at <85% RH

* Battery type: 9V battery IEC 6F22, NEDA 1604

* Static electricity: about 4mA

MAS830L Digital Multimeter


1. The MAS830L Digital Multimeter Is A Handheld Digital Multimeter For Measuring Dc And Ac Voltage, Dc Current, Resistance, Diode, And Transistor With Battery Operated. Display: Blue Backlight Lcd, 1999 Counts, Updates 2-3/Sec, Measuring Method: Dual-Slope Integration A/D Converter. Operating Environment: 0 To 40 Degrees Celsius. Storage Temperature: -10 Degrees Celsius To 50 Degrees Celsius. Power: 9V Battery, 1604 Or 6F22 Type. Fuse Protection: 200Ma/250V. Size: 135Mm X 67Mm X 33Mm. Weight: Approximately 145Gm. Precautions: Always Make Sure The Test Probes Are Fitted In The Correct Sockets. (Especially While Measuring Ac Voltage) 

2. Please Choose The Correct Measuring Option Before You Connect The Probe. (As A Thumb Rule Always Choose The Greater Value And Decrease If Required) 

3. While Measuring Current, Make Sure To Put The Red Probe In The " 10A" Socket And The Measuring Connection Should Be In " Series " 

4. While Measuring All Other Parameters Other Than Current (Ampere), The Measuring Connection Should Be In " Parallel" 5. If By Mistake A Wrong Connection Or Option Is Selected And The Measurement Is Initiated, The Instrument Will Blink/Beep. Remove The Connections Immediately To Restrict The Damage To A Minimum. Safety Measures: Failing These Precautions May Lead To Instrument Damage - Always Make Sure The Test Probes Are Fitted In The Correct Sockets (Especially While Ac Voltage).



  • SC voltage
  • AC voltage
  • DC current
  • Transistor test
  • OHM
  • Diode test
  • Data hold


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  • * 1xMAS830L Digital Multimeter








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