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211Pcs 180W 220V 110V Electric Rotary Drill Grinder

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211Pcs 180W 220V/ 110V Electric Rotary Drill Grinder


Package Included: 1 x 211Pcs Rotary Tool Mini Drill set 1 x English Manual Specifications: Lightweight and easy to use Spindle lock for easy changing of accessories Detailer‘s grip attachment for better control Flexible shaft and cutting guide makes the job easier Versatile tool tackles all kinds of craft, DIY, grinding, drilling and engraving jobs Application: Carving/ Grinding/ Sharpening/ Cutting/ Cleaning/ Polishing/ Sanding, etc

211Pcs 180W 220V 110V Electric Rotary Drill Grinder


The 211Pcs 180W 220V 110V Electric Rotary Drill Grinder is a versatile tool suitable for various tasks.

It operates on both 220V and 110V power supplies, making it convenient for different regions.

This tool comes with 211 pieces, offering a wide range of accessories for drilling and grinding applications.

With its 180W power output, it provides sufficient strength for most DIY and light professional projects.

Whether you need to drill, grind, or polish, this rotary drill grinder is a reliable choice for your workshop.




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