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OCA Cutting Blade

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* Brand new and high quality.

* Wear clean, not easy to break.

* Membrane can effectively remove UV OCA, and clean the LCD screen.

* It is a good helper for you to remove OCA, and also clean the glasses.

* Lightweight and easy to carry

OCA Cutting Blade


Introducing the OCA Cutting Blade your ultimate solution for cleaning mobile LCD surfaces and adhesive residues. This innovative blade is designed to delicately remove dust, fingerprints, and stubborn adhesives without causing any damage to the sensitive LCD screen. Its precision cutting edge ensures a seamless and efficient cleaning process, guaranteeing a pristine display. Trust the OCA Cutting Blade to maintain your mobile's clarity and touch responsiveness effortlessly. Say goodbye to smudges and hello to crystal-clear perfection! Experience the power of OCA Cutting Blade today.

OCA Cutting BladeOCA Cutting Blade




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