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1. Not only the motherboard, but also the components of different sizes and shapes, such as chip keys, cameras, and batteries, can also be used universally.

2. The high-density material is integrally formed to solve the deformation and has a long service life

3. High-temperature resistance, precise slot, and precise sliding button, easier to operate and easier to use

4. Multifunctional mobile phone repair fixture

5. Product size: 13x9cm




2uul Mijing BH01 Ox Jig Fixture General mobile phone maintenance fixture, rotary fixed design, no rebound, fixed firmly! The design has three adjustable distances.

Prevent clamps from moving during use, special anti-skid pad, in order to allow heating. Let the hot air can be discharged more efficiently. Add heat sink to the bottom of the clamp.

Rotary shaft locks the motherboard or IC more efficiently, Fixed well without a rebound.

Fixtures also support IC-type fixtures fixed for the removal of back glue, the clamp is designed to bear the force of the IC beam, which can hold up the empty parts of the IC well and avoid the IC breaking when removing black glue.

The fixture can be adjusted at different distances from the high, middle, and low levels. It's necessary to loosen the two screws at the bottom, move the fixing plate to the appropriate gear position, and then tighten the bottom screws to lock it.

Protect the upper and lower layers of the double-layer motherboard during maintenance

Suitable for mobile phone motherboards of various sizes and shapes

Suitable for fixing when cleaning large chips such as CPU and NAND







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