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8/8 Vacuum Nozzle

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8/8 Vacuum Nozzle

8/8 Vacuum Nozzle


  • Size: The "8/8" designation likely refers to the size or dimensions of the nozzle. In this context, it might indicate the diameter or inner and outer dimensions of the nozzle.

  • Vacuum Technology: These nozzles are designed for use with vacuum systems or equipment. They can be attached to vacuum pumps or machines that create a controlled vacuum to perform tasks like picking up small components or particles.

  • Pick-and-Place: Vacuum nozzles are often used in pick-and-place machines and equipment, where they are responsible for accurately lifting and placing components in the manufacturing process.

  • Material Handling: In industries like electronics manufacturing, vacuum nozzles are used to handle delicate electronic components, such as surface-mount devices (SMDs) or semiconductors.

  • Suction: These nozzles utilize suction to grip and hold objects securely during transport or placement. The strength and precision of the vacuum can be adjusted to suit different needs..

8/8 Vacuum Nozzle




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