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Air compressor Autocut set

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Air compressor Autocut set




  1. Automatic Control: The autocut set is designed to automate the control of an air compressor. It can be used in various industrial, commercial, and residential applications where compressed air is needed.

  2. Pressure Control: One of the primary functions of the autocut set is to control the pressure within a compressed air system. It monitors the air pressure and activates or deactivates the compressor as needed to maintain a predetermined pressure level.

  3. Starting and Stopping: The autocut set can start the compressor when the system's air pressure falls below a specified minimum pressure (cut-in pressure). Conversely, it stops the compressor when the pressure reaches a predetermined maximum pressure (cut-out pressure). This ensures that the compressor operates only when required.

  4. Pressure Switch: The autocut set typically includes a pressure switch as a key component. The pressure switch is responsible for sensing the air pressure and sending signals to control the compressor's motor.

  5. Reliability: Automation through an autocut set improves the reliability and efficiency of an air compressor system. It prevents over-pressurization and excessive cycling of the compressor, reducing wear and energy consumption.

Air compressor Autocut set




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