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AKT 850 OG SMD Rework Station

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* 300wat/220v

* Accurate Heating Air Controller

* Low Maintenance

* Suitable For Motherboard Work

* 6 Months of Service

* Accurate Air Controller

* Best Heating Point

* All parts easily available in the Indian market

* Manual use only

AKT 850 OG SMD Rework Station


The AKT 850 OG SMD Rework Station is a professional-grade tool used for repairing and reworking surface-mounted devices (SMDs). It offers precise temperature control, adjustable airflow, and various nozzles for efficient and accurate soldering, desoldering, and reflow operations. Its advanced features make it ideal for electronics manufacturing and repair applications.



  • Suitable for soldering and disordering surfaces mounted with ICs, such as QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA, etc.
  • SMD Rework Station AKT 850 Hot Air Gun With Temperature Control. Low Vibration, Free Noise, ESD Protection.
  • Please Ensure to Keep the Air Level Above Zero. Air Volume 2264, 24 L/min. Power consumption 270 watts. Temperature Range 100C-450 Degree Celsius.
  • Easy To Use. PID Controlled Closed Loop of Sensor, Rapid Heating, Precise and stable Temperature.
  • Note: Please be Careful, When not to Switch The Hot Gun (To Avoid Heat, As It Could Decrease The Life of The Coil) And an Accident May Occur.


AKT 850 OG SMD Rework Station 1

AKT 850 OG SMD Rework Station 2

AKT 850 OG SMD Rework Station 3

AKT 850 OG SMD Rework Station 4




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