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* Volt:- 220V-240V

* Watt:- 600W

* Autocut:- Yes

* Wire:- 6 (with pin)




The AKT 850DW/930DW/850K3 SMD Handle is an essential component of an SMD rework station used for repairing electronic devices. It is designed to provide precise control and handling of surface-mounted devices (SMDs) during the rework process. Here is a brief description of the AKT 850DW/930DW/850K3 SMD Handle:




1. Ergonomic Design: The SMD handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable and steady operation during rework. It allows for precise positioning and maneuvering of SMD components, ensuring accuracy and stability while working on delicate electronic circuits.

2. Heat Resistant: The handle is made from high-quality materials that are heat resistant. This is crucial when working with hot air or soldering processes, as it prevents the handle from becoming too hot to handle and protects the user's hands from burns.

3. Nozzle Compatibility: The SMD handle is compatible with a range of nozzles that are used for different SMD rework tasks. These nozzles can be easily attached or detached from the handle, providing flexibility and versatility in handling various types and sizes of SMD components.

4. Vacuum Capability: The handle is equipped with a built-in vacuum system that allows for the precise placement and removal of SMD components. The vacuum ensures a secure grip on the component, preventing accidental displacement during rework.

5. Adjustable Airflow: The handle provides adjustable airflow control, allowing the user to regulate the strength of the vacuum suction. This feature is beneficial when working with different-sized components, ensuring optimal handling and preventing damage.

6. Quick Changeover: The AKT 850DW/930DW/850K3 SMD Handle is designed for quick and easy changeover of nozzles and tips. This enables efficient switching between different tasks and components, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

7. Compatibility: The SMD handle is compatible with the corresponding SMD rework stations (such as the AKT 850DW, AKT 930DW, or AKT 850K3), ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation.

In summary, the AKT 850DW/930DW/850K3 SMD Handle is a versatile tool that enhances the precision and control required for SMD rework. Its ergonomic design, heat resistance, nozzle compatibility, vacuum capability, adjustable airflow, and quick changeover features make it an essential component of an SMD rework station. It allows technicians to handle SMD components effectively and efficiently during the repair process.


Packing Details:

  • * 1xAKT 850DW/930DW/850K3 SMD HANDLE







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