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* Power consumption:700W

* GunTemperature range:100-480°C

* Gun heater material: Nickel-alloys

* Gun heater resistance:90?

* Gun type: Diaphragm pump

* Air flow:28L/min

* Inner box Dimension(cm):33*27*20.2

* Outer box Dimension(cm):58*35*63.5

AKT 850DW Hot Air Gun LED Digital BGA Rework Solder Station Repair Tool


Main Function:

  1. AKT850DW hot air SMD rework station chip used microcomputer control, warming up quickly.
  2. Safe solder QFP, PLCC, BGA, and other temperature-sensitive components.
  3. Adjust the airflow and temperature control rotation.
  4. Refer to the instructions included with three kinds of nozzles (big, medium and small) replacement parts.
  5. Would replace the part if the resistance value is incorrect.
  6. When the temperature is less than 80oC, can stop rotation automatically.
  7. Intelligent detection.
  8. Green lines and high-quality silicone body heat well for extended life and saving power.
  9. Comfortable portable handheld and Digital LED display.
  10. The accurate heating air controller
  11. All parts easily available in the Indian market
  12. In this SMD internal and outer accessories parts are used in high quality
  13. Low maintenance, Plastic burn free
  14. Best used for eMMC, Suitable for all types of motherboard work
  15. Accurate Air Controller & Fully automatic SMD
  16. 6 months of service and full warranty
  17. In a 3 days replacement & money back warranty (* Not refundable courier charge*)







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