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* AKT 850K3 LED digital display 24L two-in-one welding platform

* Air pump type hot air gun electric iron Multi-stage adjustment

* 8-stage wind power

* Electrode less high-temperature 700W high power heating core Quiet design, in line with national standards

* Small noise Straight grid wind

* High safety factor

* Uniform heating Antistatic design to prevent electrostatic damage from electronic components



AKT 850K3 Smd Rework Station The ideal hot air soldering station. The ideal equipment for use in the laboratory and every workshop. It is a high-tech hot air SMD Rework Station from AKT.

The model 850K3 is easy to handle so you have no problems when using the station! The temperature is indicated by a digital display and can be adjusted by using the selector dial.

The airflow is accurately indicated by means of an air tube with a metal ball. The black-coated housing is equipped with a practical carrying handle. Even a layman can use the station in a few minutes!

You will also receive four different nozzles, and a lifting device for components (IC-Popper with a spare gripper), so that you can work WITHOUT additional costs

• the digital display shows the accurate set temperature, as well as the current temperature

• air flow rate, is accurately indicated by the AIR FLOW METER

• perfectly suitable for repairing QFP, SOP, PLCC and SOJ components

• constant temperature for all air flows

• the airflow meter precisely indicates the airflow all time long

• wide temperature and airflow adjustment range

• the cold air cools off the heating element after use continuously, increasing the lifetime of the heating element\n\nThe station is delivered with a transportation safety device (a red screw, which secures the pump during transportation), this has to be removed BEFORE using the station for the first time! ! The station is completely operational after the screw removal. You need only 5 minutes to do that and then you have a completely functional hot air station. You can adjust the temperature and the airflow by means of two rotary knobs "AIR" and "Set Temp ".\n\nThe station has a holder for the hot air grip and a soldering iron holder which allow you to work easily. Find out for yourself!






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