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Akt Gel 200ML

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  • * The Superfine fiber cloth was made with a special High Technology Process. 100% compatible with all kinds of screens
  • * Special Liquid Cleaner for Crystal Screen or CD/DVD LCD Screen Cleaning: Can be used to clean the TFT Display Screen, Notebook Screen, PDA Screen, Printer Screen, & CD/DVD Safely.
  • * There will be no Scratch or track Left & do not hurt the screen coat. Cleans Flat/ Normal Screen TV, Laptop Screen, PC Monitor, CD/DVDs etc This LCD Cleaning Kit cleans Messy Finger Prints, Dirt, and Dust, Stains, etc.
  • * Components: Non-alcoholic Organic Gel, Micro Fibre cloth, Keep Clean your Laptop Screen, and LCD Screen and Enjoy your work
  • * Bottle Contain 100ML GEL

Akt Gel 200ML

Clean And Shine Gel Cleaning Kit for Computers, Laptops for Computers, Laptops, and Mobiles Cleaning Kit For LED & LCD (multicolor)

Presenting You with this cleaning Gel, which will help you to keep your electronic accessories clean and dust-free. It contains an organic extract-based gel and a superfine fiber cleaning cloth. It does not affect the LCD screens and leaves no scratches. You can use it to clean cameras, keyboards, LCD screens, smartphones, palmtops, etc. Comes with an organic extract-based gel- The gel liquid consists of organic extracts. It does not contain alcohol and acetone which can have a corrosive effect on LCD screens. It is a non-drip gel that does not infiltrate the spaces between the screen and the casing. Easy to store- Storing this cleaning kit while you are not using them will not be a problem. The cloth and the liquid container will not take up much place, due to their ergonomic designs. The container comes with a sealed lid to make sure that the liquid does not leak.





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