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AKT KB-1 Special Edge Lamination OCA Machine

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AKT KB-1 Special Edge Lamination OCA Machine


  1. OCA Lamination: OCA is a type of adhesive used in the assembly of touchscreen displays. It is optically clear and is used to bond various layers of a touchscreen assembly, including the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), glass or digitizer, and sometimes the backlight.

  2. Edge Lamination: The term "Special Edge Lamination" suggests that this machine is specifically designed for laminating the edges of OCA-attached screens. Edge lamination ensures a secure bond along the edges of the display, reducing the risk of air bubbles or separation.

  3. Machine Purpose: The AKT KB-1 OCA Machine automates the process of laminating the edges of screens with precision. It helps ensure that the OCA adhesive is evenly distributed and securely bonded to the display components.

  4. Professional Use: This type of equipment is typically used by professional technicians and repair centers that specialize in screen repair and refurbishment, particularly for smartphones and tablets.

  5. Alignment and Pressure: The machine may include features for aligning the screen components accurately and applying the necessary pressure to ensure a bubble-free lamination process.

AKT KB-1 Special Edge Lamination OCA Machine




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