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AKT KB-2 OCA Lamination Machine Set

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AKT KB-2 OCA Lamination Machine Set


  • OCA Lamination Machine: This is the central piece of equipment in the set. It is used to laminate (bond) OCA film to the touchscreen or LCD of a mobile device. The machine typically has a vacuum chamber, heated plates, and the necessary controls for precise lamination.

  • Touchscreen Refurbishment: OCA lamination machines are commonly used in the refurbishment of touchscreen displays. They help remove air bubbles, dust, and imperfections between the touchscreen and LCD.

  • LCD Separator: The set may include an LCD separator machine, which is used to separate a cracked or damaged touchscreen from the underlying LCD, allowing for the replacement of the touchscreen.

  • Bubble Remover: A bubble remover machine is often part of the set. It helps eliminate air bubbles between the OCA film and the touchscreen, ensuring a clear and uniform bond.

  • Laminating Molds: Various molds and frames may be included to hold the device and ensure precise lamination. These molds are typically designed to fit specific device models.

  • UV Lamp: UV curing lamps may be included for curing UV adhesive or OCA film after lamination.

  • Repair Tools: The set may also contain various tools and accessories, such as tweezers, spatulas, adhesive rollers, and cleaning materials, for the repair and refurbishment process.

AKT KB-2 OCA Lamination Machine Set




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