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AKT-PR1 Bubble Remover Machine

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AKT-PR1 Bubble Remover Machine



  • Work for LCD screens up to 6 inches.
  • Easy to use
  • Simply Push One Button to Complete Both the Laminating Process and the Bubble removal process.
  • This machine is useful for you considering your phone repair  and refurbishment business
  • We can provide stable quality and long service life
  • This machine has all parts strict and inspection provided for you
  • The machine is for assembling LCD screens and digitizer/touch glass lenses and is also fit for refurbishing screens.
  • Work for all mobile phones with LCD screen size is 10 inches or below
  • Manual control, automatic removal: temperature, time, and pressure can be set
  • In this machine 2 meter is available (Timer meter and temperature meter)
  • This machine occupies an ordinary bubble remover machine
  • The OCA bubble remover machine is good and helper to assists you in fixing cell phones perfectly in a short time


Process (Pressure Screen)


  • Then LCD panel in the working chamber must keep the cover upright.
  • When the back of the LCD screen has a protuberant uneven row line, it needs to be flattened before fitting.
  • The front of the laminating process (with OCA LCD cover ); can't leave air sealing between the cover and LCD screen.
  • The machine cylinder heating, fan circulating air, heating Express, efficient a bubble, you can set the time automatically control the temperature accurately.
  • Manual fast opening and pressure adjustable, automatic, manual pressure relief, pressure differential auto exhaust.
  • Is a high-quality, safe, durable new bubble machine.

AKT-PR1 Bubble Remover Machine




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