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AKT V20L Bubble Remover

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AKT V20L Bubble Remover 


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  1. Function: The primary function of the AKT V20L Bubble Remover is to eliminate air bubbles that can occur during the assembly of various device components, such as LCD screens, digitizers, adhesive layers, and protective films.

  2. Bubble-Free Assembly: Air bubbles can compromise the visual quality and functionality of the device's display. The bubble remover machine creates a vacuum environment that helps expel trapped air, resulting in a bubble-free assembly.

  3. Usage: The machine is typically used in conjunction with the assembly of mobile devices, especially when attaching sensitive components like touchscreens, LCDs, and protective films.

  4. Vacuum Technology: The AKT V20L utilizes vacuum technology to remove air bubbles. It often has a flat surface or chamber where the device assembly is placed, and a vacuum is applied to draw out air from between the layers.

  5. Precision and Control: These machines usually offer precision and control over the vacuum level and timing to ensure effective bubble removal without damaging the components.

AKT V20L Bubble Remover




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