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AMAOE MI-2 STENCIL For Redmi 3/3s/Note

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* Material: Japanese steel sheet

* Sternness: Super hard

* Hole  type: Square

* Re-usable: Yes

* Thickness: 0.12MM

AMAOE MI-2 STENCIL For Redmi 3/3s/Note


Stencil Purpose: Stencils are used for the precise application of solder paste to solder pads on a PCB. This solder paste serves as a temporary adhesive that holds surface-mount components (SMDs) in place during the soldering process.

Reballing: Stencils are also commonly used in reballing processes, which involve removing and then re-soldering a component, such as a BGA (Ball Grid Array) chip. The stencil helps apply solder balls to the component's pads with precision.

Compatible Devices: The stencil is likely designed for use with specific models. Each stencil is typically designed to match the component layout of a particular device or series.

Aperture Design: The stencil features a pattern of tiny apertures (holes) that align with the solder pads on the PCB or component. When solder paste is applied over the stencil and pushed through these apertures, it deposits a controlled amount of solder onto the pads.

Stencil Material: Stencils are commonly made from stainless steel or other durable materials to withstand repeated use and exposure to high-temperature soldering processes.



  • MSM8974
  • MSM8274 CPU
  • MSM8674 CPU
  • MI3
  • MI3S

AMAOE MI-2 STENCIL For Redmi 3/3s/Note




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