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1. Adjustable constant output current.

2. Adjustable output constant voltage.

3. LCD voltage and current display.

4. Constant voltage and individual current operation.

5. Overcurrent protection.

The advantages of our DC power supply:

1. High precision and good technique to protect product safety and reliability.

We use advanced SAMSUNG IC according to control software to show. And in order to protect the safety and reliability of the product, in the software we make the limit in the shows.

2. Good Transformer:

Our transformer uses good conductor and high efficiency magnetic core. So we don't need to enlarge, but you will be satisfied with the DC power supply.

This is a 220V unit machine; You may need a transformer to use it in your country.


  • BAKU BK 1502DD Sophisticated Regulated DC Power Supply 15 volt 2.1 Amp Digital LED Screen.
  • Rated power:220V  50Hz
  • Ideal for Educational Laboratories. Safe for students to use
  • High Regulation
  • Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
  • Low Ripple and Noise
  • Overload and Reverse Polarity protection
  • Short circuit TEST
  • Can be tested GSM CDMA mobile phone signal
  • 100% Brand New Original Baku BK 1502DD Regulated DC Power Supply 15 volt 2.1 Amp Digital LED Screen Maintenance of communications-specific power, the power supply is designed
  • For mobile phones and other communications equipment.
  • Designed for maintenance, it uses the most advanced short- circuit protection resume.
  • To be ruled out after in 1 second automatically resume output.
  • Voltage measurement interface.
  • Can be replaced by precise digital voltmeter measurements voltages DC.
  • Radio-frequency signal detection, Suitable for communication equipment maintenance.
  • The spare parts are also of BAKU brand products, you can choose the goods as you like.






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