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BIT Cleaner Foam Pad

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* Removes all Solder Residue

* Low-cost and high-quality solder sponge.

* Ideal replacement for the old sponges.

* Solder sponge removes oxides and excess solders from soldering iron tips

* Provides extended tip life and precise soldering

BIT Cleaner Foam Pad


The BIT Cleaner Foam Pad is an essential tool for maintaining the soldering iron bit. This foam pad effectively cleans the soldering tip during use, removing excess solder, flux residues, and oxidation.

Regularly cleaning the bit, it ensures optimal heat transfer and enhances soldering performance. The foam's non-abrasive nature prevents damage to the tip, prolonging its lifespan.

This economical and user-friendly accessory is a must-have for any soldering workstation, promoting efficient and reliable soldering operations. Keep your soldering iron bit in top condition with the BIT Cleaner Foam Pad.

BIT Cleaner Foam Pad

BIT Cleaner Foam Pad 1

BIT Cleaner Foam Pad 2





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