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ESD-15 Antistatic Bend Tweezer

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  • * Super Hard Steel
  • * Anti-Magnetic, Anti-Acidic Steel
  • * HRC 45, best-grade steel.
  • * Best for all types of professions and uses.
  • * Non-corrosive ESD safe
  • * Curved Tweezers ESD-15

ESD-15 Antistatic Bend Tweezer



The ESD-15 antistatic stainless steel curved tweezers are sharp-nosed for handling small parts.


ESD-15 – Anti-Static Curved Fine Tip Tweezer. Stainless Steel The tweezer is made of antacid steel, resists corrosion, big strength factor, is anti-static, has good elasticity, antimagnetic. It’s safe to pick up electronic components. ESD-15 Precision Anti-Static Tweezer PC Phone Maintenance Tools Curved Fine Tip Stainless Steel. These products are known as straight Tweezer Curved Tweezers, ESD-15, and Tweezers.


  • Low-magnetic stainless steel with black conductive ESD coating


These work well for handling tiny to small parts like 0603 or 0805 SMD passive components.



  • Resistive ESD coating helps protect electronics from static damage
  • Durable stainless steel material; Only the tweezer's tips are non-magnetic
  • Designed to meet the requirements of the electronics
  • Handy storage punch, convenient to carry



ESD-15 Antistatic Bend Tweezer 1

ESD-15 Antistatic Bend Tweezer 2

ESD-15 Antistatic Bend Tweezer 3




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