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Green Tape

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* Used in mobile phones, digital punching paste;

* Used to electronic, and electrical products shock!

* used in decorations, such as top stickers; furniture decorative strip paste, mobile phone repair supplies, and car decoration, such as paste.

* used in the general paste, nameplate paste, wiper stickers, etc. ----

* All kinds of cars and motorcycles have nameplate mark letters pasted.

* Car decoration strip, water guide, seal, and the car inside the panel of the fixed bonding.

* All kinds of electrical appliances, hardware, structural bonding, and so on


Green Tape



Green Tape strong sticky strong, good work, there are different shapes and specifications; strong bending resistance, good temperature resistance to aging. The use of wear-resistant back material, suitable for a variety of surface adhesive coating and unique pigment coloring technology, to meet the smooth parts of the body, all car logo, car doors, and windows combined and sealed requirements, and for light- Structure is fixed.

  • * Create even, solid lines for charts, crafts, decorations, and signage
  • * Flexible material is great for making curves
  • * For indoor use only on clean, dry surfaces
  • * Permanent adhesive material works on a variety of surfaces, including plastic, whiteboard, glass, paper, wood, metal, and ceramic

Packing Details:

  • 1x Green Tape


Green Tape 1

Green Tape 2

Green Tape 3

Green Tape 4

Green Tape 5





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