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GSM GS206 Source Battery Charger

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Model Name/Number     GS 206
Current                            1A
Input Voltage                   110-240 V
Frequency                        50/60 Hz
Base Material                   PVC
Type                                  APPLE

GSM GS206 Source Battery Charger


  1. Brand and Model: The "GSM GS206" is likely the brand and model designation for this particular battery charger. Different brands and models of chargers may have varying features and capabilities.

  2. Battery Charging: The primary function of the charger is to provide power to recharge the batteries of compatible devices. It is commonly used for charging the batteries of smartphones and other portable electronic devices.

  3. Compatibility: The charger should be compatible with specific types of batteries or devices. It's important to check the charger's compatibility with your device before using it.

  4. Power Source: The charger may be designed to connect to various power sources, including wall outlets, car chargers, USB ports, or power banks. This flexibility allows for charging in different settings.

  5. Output Specifications: The charger likely has specific output specifications, such as voltage and current ratings, which determine its charging capabilities. It's essential to match these specifications with the requirements of your device for safe and efficient charging.

GSM GS206 Source Battery Charger




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