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Korad KA-3005D 30V-5AMP DC Power Supply

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Korad KA-3005D 30V-5AMP DC Power Supply



The Korad KA-3005D is a versatile and reliable DC power supply designed for various electronic applications. With a voltage range of 0-30V and a current range of 0-5A, it provides ample power for a wide range of devices and circuits.

Featuring a compact and user-friendly design, the KA-3005D offers precise and stable output with low ripple and noise. It employs advanced switching technology, ensuring high efficiency and excellent power regulation. The dual LED display provides clear visibility of both voltage and current values simultaneously.

The power supply is equipped with various protection features to safeguard both the power supply and the connected devices. These include overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent protection (OCP), and overtemperature protection (OTP). These safeguards ensure the safety of the equipment and prevent damage in case of any faults or malfunctions.

The KA-3005D also offers versatile operating modes such as constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC), allowing users to select the appropriate mode for their specific applications. The adjustable output and precise control make it suitable for laboratory use, electronic production lines, and educational purposes.

With its robust construction and reliable performance, the Korad KA-3005D 30V-5AMP DC power supply is a valuable tool for engineers, hobbyists, and technicians working with electronic circuits, testing devices, and other applications requiring a stable and adjustable power source.

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