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MECHANIC ISM5 Solder paste

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* Special for a jumper

* Easy to planting tin

* high activity

MECHANIC ISM5 Solder paste


Mechanic ism5 Solder paste Jump Wire Specific Solder Tin Paste Low/Medium Temperature Soldering Flux for iPhone Fingerprint Repair Tools



iSm5 is derived from Japanese formulation products industrial-grade nano compounds breakthrough high activity, moderate viscosity picks a little on the solder spot, and the iron head can be tinted with a single stamp.


iSm5 Mechanic Jump Wire Special paste with 3pcs Needle\nvolume: 3ML\ntemperature: 220-230 ?\neasy to tin, high activity, Flying line on the touch, tin point full


MECHANIC ISM5 Solder paste 1MECHANIC ISM5 Solder paste 2MECHANIC ISM5 Solder paste 3

MECHANIC ISM5 Solder paste 4





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