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* Model Number: V90E

* DC power range: 200mv 2v 20v 200v 1000v

* DC current range: 20uA 2mA 20mA 200mA 10A

* AC power range: 2v 20v 200v

* AC Current Range: 20mA 200mA 10A

* Resistance range: 200 ohms to 2m ohm

* Capacitance range: 10nf to 20mf

* Inductance measurement: None

MECHANIC Intelligent English Display V90E High Precision Meter, Mechanic V90E Universal Meter Speech Broadcast Multimeter Fully Automatic Digital Display High Precision

1. The multi-function meter with human voice broadcast makes the operation more accurate and efficient

2. With LED hd display, clear display, ignoring difference, no shadow, no reflection, clear values can be seen in the dark environment to improve efficiency

3. Clear measuring pen jack, fine workmanship, reasonable design, insert the pen smooth fastening, and marked the maximum limit input value

4. Complete with a high-quality pen line, the pen is very taper and can be used for precision electronic devices

5. The product is equipped with a groove for the surface pen, which can be quickly arranged without measurement to avoid clutter

6. Expensive double fuse, more secure and reliable, 5mm protective sleeve.





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