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OCA Machine Dual Side Socket 12mm

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OCA Machine Dual Side Socket 12mm


  1. OCA Machine: OCA machines are used in the repair and refurbishment of electronic devices, especially smartphones and tablets. They are designed to simplify tasks such as applying OCA adhesive, aligning and attaching glass or LCD screens, and removing air bubbles to ensure a clear and secure bond.

  2. Dual Side Socket: The term "Dual Side Socket" suggests that this component has two sides or openings that can be used for different purposes. In the context of an OCA machine, it could indicate that it is designed to accommodate the attachment of various tools or components on both sides.

  3. 12mm: The "12mm" likely indicates the size or diameter of the socket openings or the specific application for which this component is intended. It could refer to the size of the adhesive roll or the type of screen or glass to be processed.

  4. Adhesive Application: OCA machines are often used for applying OCA adhesive, which is a specialized, optically clear adhesive used in attaching touchscreens and other components in eltotronic devices. The machine ensures the precise application of this adhesive.

  5. Screen Attachment: OCA machines help align and attach screens, LCDs, and glass panels to the device's frame, ensuring a secure and bubble-free bond. The dual-side socket may be part of the alignment and attachment mechanism.




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