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Plastic Opener Yellow

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* Plastic scraper tool

* A good partner when you install a screen protector film

* Also can be used to clean bubbles on the window

* Plastic material, will not scratch or damage the window

* Note: It may have dust or the appearance minor defect, but it does not affect function.

* Hand Tool Sets, Cheap Hand Tool Sets, Plate Yellow or Black Plastic Scraper Tool for iPhone Samsung Huawei Mobile Phone Screen Protector Film Install Pasting Tool



Plastic Yellow Opener


• Platic Yellow Opener High-quality material makes it more durable. It is used to disassemble and separate the display screen and touch screen of the flat panel laptop. The effect is better for the small gap which is difficult to decompose.

• Can maintain good flexibility and resilience, and protect electronic products from hard impact damage.

• As long as the main force can achieve the ideal effect then plastic machine parts and other effects are much better.

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Plastic Opener Yellow 3






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