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QIANLI IATLAS 24K T0.08/0.1/0.12 SET

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* Small size with great efficiency

* Plated 24K pure gold

* Excellent electrical performance

* Easy to take

* Ready to clamp and use

* Genuine gold plated

* Better conductivity

* Better anti-oxidation

QIANLI IATLAS 24K T0.08/0.1/0.12 SET



  • 24K gold plating process / better oxidation resistance / better conductivity / explosion-proof tin is stronger

  • New inventions in the industry, improve the success rate of maintenance and gain one step faster

  • Fitted with explosion-proof tin, there is support, no fear of deformation "pressing"

  • Gold-plated, easy to tin, strong conductivity, simple and practical

  • Breaking through precision maintenance standards, experts improve efficiency, and novices reduce manual dependence

  • The "top pillar" of precision electronic hardware. During the maintenance process, take out the required gold-plated gasket and place the gasket on the required support point.

  • After the gasket is added, a reasonable gap will be increased, so that there is no overflow between the motherboard and the tin paste

  • The motherboard is slightly deformed, and it can be supported by spacers

  • The fit is more stable, and there is no fear of micro-deformation of the motherboard

  • Convenient and easy to take, easy to use with clip

  • Wide range of use, middle frame, chip, BGA, all can be used, general electronic components that need to be attached


Packing Details:

  • * 1x QIANLI IATLAS 24K T0.08/0.1/0.12 SET







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