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QUICK 706W+ SMD Rework Station

Quick 706W+ 580W LED Digital Display 2 In 1 Hot Air SMD Rework Station Soldering Station Iron Heat Gun Kit for Phone Welding Repair


  • LED accurate digital display, single control. effectively avoid the damage of components due to temperature error
  • Small Size. Save working space.
  • Hot Air Rework Station and Soldering Station 2 in 1.
  • The ceramic skeleton heating core, increase stability and does not easily burn short circuit.
  • Straight wind, high speed, low noise, and strong wind
  • The handle is equipped with sensor device, which is placed on the handle frame. The system will automatically cool down and enter the standby state



  • Be careful when operating at high temperatures. Do not use it near flammable and explosive gas and objects. The air outlet is really hot that can burn body.
  • When the hot air gun is working, please do not leave your position.
  • Do not touch the hot air gun by children.
  • After use be sure to cool down the machine and put it in a safe place. When it’s turned off, the heating tube will gush out cool air temporarily. During cooling time please do not take out the power plug.
  • After cooling, take out the power plug.






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