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Separator Rubber Small

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* High-temperature resistant silicone pad Non-slip gasket FOR Vacuum LCD separator machine

* 7-inch Maintenance workbench insulation pad silicone pad

* Phone maintenance mat insulation hole silicone insulation pad

* Universal anti-skid pads high-temperature separator

* LCD screen separator Silicon pad with hole high-temperature vacuum suction pads perforated heat insulation pad.

Separator Rubber Small


Separator rubber is a type of flexible material often used to create barriers or divisions in various industrial and mechanical applications, helping to isolate or protect different components or areas from each other.




  1. Separation: The small points help create a gap between surfaces, preventing direct contact and reducing friction, abrasion, or damage. This is particularly useful in applications where delicate materials need protection during transport or storage.

  2. Cushioning: The rubber material provides cushioning against impact, vibrations, or shocks, helping to safeguard fragile items from breakage or deformation.

  3. Grip: The raised points can also enhance grip or friction between surfaces, making it useful for applications where slip resistance is essential, such as lining trays or shelves.

  4. Noise reduction: When used as padding between components, separator rubber with small points can help dampen noise and vibrations, improving overall user experience.

  5. Versatility: It comes in various thicknesses, densities, and durometers (hardness levels), making it adaptable to a wide range of applications across industries like automotive, electronics, packaging, and manufacturing.


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