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Product Details:

  • SIMAXX AUTOCUT SMD Autocut System
  • Premium Quality SMD in Low Budget
  • SIMAXX Brun Free SMD used for Mobile Repair and Heating Purposes
  • Auto-Cut SMD Rework Station
  • Rework Station Works Immediately when the Handle is Picked Up and Enters Estand Mode when the Handle is Placed in the Holder, Temperatures and Air of the Rework Station are Continuously Adjusted by Buttons the Needs in Different Workplaces, SIMAXX is Facilitated with an Automatic Cooling Function. Desoldering Maintenance System Combined. by Rework Station Desoldering Maintenance System Combined. by Rework Station.
  • Power: 220V , 270W, Temperature: 200 Celsius System-450 Celsius System.
  • Heating Element Porcelain Heating Element.
  • Heat Air Gun Rework Station



The SIMAXX AUTOCUT SMD Rework Station is a versatile and advanced tool designed specifically for repairing various electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, and TVs. With its cutting-edge technology and features, it provides an efficient and precise solution for tackling complex electronic repairs.


Key features of the SIMAXX AUTOCUT SMD Rework Station include:


SMD Rework Capability: This station is specifically tailored for Surface Mount Device (SMD) rework, which is a common requirement in modern electronic repairs. It enables you to remove, replace, and re-solder SMD components with precision and ease.

Temperature Control: The station offers precise temperature control, allowing you to adjust the heat according to the specific requirements of each component. This feature ensures that you can work with different types of components without the risk of overheating or damaging them.

Hot Air Blower: The included hot air blower provides a concentrated stream of hot air, which is essential for desoldering and soldering SMD components. It effectively heats the targeted area and helps in the removal or placement of components without damaging the surrounding circuitry.

Preheating Function: The rework station also features a preheating function that heats the entire circuit board uniformly. This helps in preventing thermal shock to the components and allows for easier removal and installation of SMD parts.

Automatic Component Cut System: The "Autocut" feature of this station automates the cutting of leads or legs of SMD components during the removal process. It simplifies the workflow and saves time by eliminating the need for manual cutting.

User-Friendly Interface: The station is equipped with a user-friendly interface that provides clear and easy-to-understand controls. The digital display allows you to monitor and adjust various parameters, such as temperature and airflow, ensuring optimal rework conditions.

Wide Compatibility: The SIMAXX AUTOCUT SMD Rework Station is designed to handle a wide range of electronic devices, including mobile phones, laptops, computers, and TVs. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for both professional repair technicians and DIY enthusiasts.

In summary, the SIMAXX AUTOCUT SMD Rework Station is an advanced and versatile tool that provides precise SMD rework capabilities for various electronic devices. Its temperature control, hot air blower, preheating function, automatic component cut system, and user-friendly interface make it a valuable asset for repairing mobile phones, laptops, computers, and TVs with efficiency and accuracy.





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