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UNITY DT-830 Digital Multimeter

\n\nThe Haoyue/Unity digital multimeter is use to derive the measurements of DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, resistance, continuity and diode with a high degree of accuracy. This is the manual ranging multimeter so the user is require to select the correct measurement range. It is very user friendly device just turn the rotary dial to the test you need and place the test leads accordingly and you will get the reading.\n\n

Features of Multimeter:

  • Voltage, alternating and direct, in volts.
  • \n
  • Current, alternating and direct, in amperes.
  • \n
  • The frequency range for which AC measurements are accurate must be specified.
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  • Resistance in ohms.
  • \n
  • Frequency in hertz.
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  • Digital multimeters may also include circuits for : Continuity tester; sounds when a circuit conducts
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  • Diodes (measuring forward drop of diode junctions), and transistor (measuring current gain and other parameters).
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  • Battery checking for simple 1.5 volt and 9 volt batteries.
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