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Yellow Dual Foam Tape

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* Color: Yellow

* Material: Polyethylene foam

* Thickness: Typically ranges from 1mm to 3mm

* Adhesive Type: Acrylic adhesive on both sides

* Width: Available in various widths, commonly 12mm to 50mm

* Length: Commonly available in rolls of 10m to 50m

* Temperature Resistance: -20°C to 80°C

* Density: Medium to high-density foam

* Water Resistance: Excellent, suitable for outdoor use

* Applications: Mounting, bonding, sealing, cushioning, and gap filling

Yellow Dual Foam Tape


Yellow 100% Eco-Friendly Water Resistant Double Sided Foam Tape


  • This Yellow Dual Foam Tape double-sided foam tape is applied for bonding plastic and rubber edge profiles, and plates. Also applied in the furniture industry and as an accessory for doors and windows.
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation, atmospheric agents, and aging.
  • Ensures good adhesion and conformability.
  • This double-sided tape can be converted into rolls, spools, sheets, or can be die cut.

Yellow Dual Foam TapeYellow Dual Foam TapeYellow Dual Foam Tape






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