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J2 Silver OG MIC

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₹8 58% off ₹19

Use in       :- Samsung & other

Quality    :- Best

Mic type :- SMD

Print         :- 3

Color        :- Silver

J2 Silver OG MIC


Wire Type: The term "wire" typically refers to the cable itself, which consists of one or more conductors surrounded by insulation and often protected by an outer layer. Microphone cables typically use balanced audio cables with XLR connectors on either end.

OG: "OG" can sometimes refer to "original" or "original equipment." It may indicate that the cable is an authentic or genuine product rather than a generic or aftermarket option.

XLR Connectors: Universal microphone cables often feature XLR connectors. These connectors are widely used in professional audio applications and are known for their secure and balanced connection.

Cable Length: Microphone cables come in various lengths to accommodate different setups and distances between microphones and audio equipment. Users can choose the cable length that best suits their needs.

Shielding: Microphone cables are typically shielded to reduce interference and noise, ensuring clean audio signals.

Durability: High-quality microphone cables are designed to be durable and able to withstand frequent use and movement. They often feature reinforced connectors and robust construction.



  • VIVO
  • OPPO
  • SONY


J2 Silver OG MIC





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