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Function: The On/Off Flex cable is responsible for transmitting electrical signals from the physical power button (located on the exterior of the device) to the internal circuitry of the device. When you press the power button, it triggers actions such as turning the device on, waking it from sleep mode, or putting it to sleep.

Location: The On/Off Flex cable is typically located internally, running from the power button on the device's exterior to the device's mainboard or logic board inside the device.

Flexibility: Flex cables are designed to be flexible to accommodate the pressing action of the power button. They are engineered to withstand repeated use.

Repair and Replacement: If the On/Off Flex cable becomes damaged, worn out, or malfunctions, it can result in issues with turning the device on or off, or it may affect sleep/wake functionality. In such cases, it may be necessary to replace the On/Off Flex cable with a new one to restore proper functionality.

Professional Repair: Replacing the On/Off Flex cable or any internal electronic component typically requires technical expertise. It is recommended to have such repairs performed by trained technicians or at authorized service centers to avoid causing further damage to the device.

Testing: After replacement, thorough testing should be performed to verify that the power button and sleep/wake functionality work as expected.


SAMSUNG i9060/9082 ON OFF FLEX 1SAMSUNG i9060/9082 ON OFF FLEX 2SAMSUNG i9060/9082 ON OFF FLEX 3




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