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Type and Thickness: The "SJ" likely indicates the brand or type of OCA sheet, and "5.7" could refer to the thickness of the OCA in micrometers (μm) or millimeters (mm). In this context, "5.7" might represent a specific thickness variant of the OCA sheet.

Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA): OCA is a specialized adhesive that is optically transparent, allowing for clear visibility through the adhesive layer. It is commonly used in mobile phone screen repairs to bond the glass cover or digitizer to the LCD or OLED display.

Usage: OCA sheets are applied during the refurbishing process when replacing phone screens or digitizers. The sheet is positioned between the display and the glass cover to ensure proper adhesion, eliminate air bubbles, and enhance display clarity.

Adhesive Properties: The OCA sheet has adhesive properties on both sides—adhering to the display and the glass cover. It's designed to bond firmly while maintaining optical clarity.

Precision: OCA sheets come in various sizes and are precisely cut to fit specific device models to ensure a proper and accurate refurbishing process.

Compatibility: OCA sheets are designed for use with particular phone models or screen types. The "SJ 5.7" designation may indicate compatibility with certain devices or screen sizes.

Professional Installation: Installing an OCA sheet typically requires expertise and specialized tools to ensure proper alignment, bubble-free adhesion, and a flawless finish.SJ 5.7 OCA SHEET







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